Grounded Growth Merges with the Jill Clapperton Global Food & Farm Community

— a project of Rhizoterra, Inc

Private Food & Farm Networks Join Together to Provide Expanded Resources for Farmers, Chefs & Emerging Brands

The move combines the in-depth technical knowledge of soil health and nutrient density testing of scientist Dr. Jill Clapperton’s online community with the regenerative agriculture supply-chain-building and marketing work of Grounded Growth.

The expanded online community will serve as a key information and networking resource for farmers, chefs and emerging food companies. The global food and farm community will help members apply practical knowledge to their businesses and enable them to make science-based decisions on the tough issues surrounding the food and agriculture sectors.


Grounded Growth is a Farm-to-Fork Regenerative Tribe

We are helping to create awareness and demand for regeneratively-grown food while supporting the rebels of the food and farming worlds as they bring it to market.  We do this work inside our own private social network dedicated squarely to expanding regenerative agriculture.  Click the button below to join us — or click here to learn more about the benefits we provide our members.

From farm fields to consumer tables, we bring you regenerative agriculture

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What Our Members Say . . .

Danielle Schwab, Illuminate Supply Chains
Derek Axten, Axten Farms, Saskatchewan, Canada
Bridget Bueche, Cook's Perspective