We provide the tools to create regenerative products

Grounded Growth, LLC is a business-enhancing membership network for farmers, ingredient-makers, food service suppliers and consumer products companies. We make it possible to get past setting goals and get started adding regenerative ingredients into products — and bringing them to consumers.

To do this, we provide a one-stop research and development platform (our members-only website) that helps members learn about, define, find, measure and create messaging about their regenerative ingredients and products.

In addition to the expertise we provide from working in this space for more than 20 years, our network contains members from the farming, processing, manufacturing and retail sectors — all unified around our culture that focuses on bringing a practical version of regenerative agriculture to market in ways that are profitable for farmers, value-adding for businesses and providing superior products for consumers.

Our online platform provides members with a private, facilitated space to learn about all aspects of regenerative at their own pace. Our platform is one of the only places where valuable cross-sector relationships can be built. Members learn from experts and peers, access and adapt our original regenerative messaging resources and receive our follow-up support for moving the relationship forward.


what regenerative food & fiber do our farmers grow?

The farmers in our network have been continuously adding regenerative practices to their farming operations for years.  The commercial-scale farmers we work with are from all across the U.S. and Canada and grow a wide variety of nonGMO crops.  Below are a sample of what they are growing . . . connect with us for the full list.

where are our regenerative farmers?

How can brands easily define & communicate about regenerative to consumers?

What’s the difference between regenerative and organic? 

How can my small business afford to source regenerative ingredients? 

Great questions!  We provide these answers and more in our members-only website.

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