An increasing number of big brands have announced big goals about regenerative agriculture recently. But sometimes, it is the small, practical steps forward that are even more important.

Grounded Growth has been lucky enough to work with Bella Gluten-Free since 2018 when they became a partner and sponsored a project to expand regenerative farming with our partner farm.  They committed 1% of their net sales to help pay the cost for a farmer to go further on his regenerative farming journey.

This small step forward doesn’t scale up regenerative agriculture by itself — but it demonstrates a real commitment to partnering WITH farmers to expand this promising way of farming, rather than expecting them to take on all the burden themselves.

This video tells the story of the practical and meaningful step forward that a small brand took last year — before all the cool kids were doing it — and even without a mega budget.

We are so grateful for the commitment to regenerative agriculture shown by Bella Gluten-Free and their customers.  We are inspired to work with brands like this that have embraced a true partnership approach with farmers. If you want a practical, easy way to encourage others to follow this model, all you have to do is buy their product and let them know that this is why.

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