HUGE Congratulations to one of our Grounded Growth brand partners — Around the World Gourmet! Because of their support for regenerative agriculture, they earned a chance and ultimately were successful in adding an important new customer: St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Competition is fierce in the food industry.  Often, small food manufacturers don’t get a chance to even get their product sampled by big institutions and grocery stores.  So, the fact that St. Jude gave them this opportunity BECAUSE of their support for regenerative — and the direction they are pursuing to bring regenerative products to market is a BIG DEAL for proving to other brands that customers will reward them for their efforts.

Last year, Around the World Gourmet took a step forward to support a farmer to go further on his regenerative agriculture journey. They didn’t wait until they were a bigger.  They didn’t wait until the opportunity was pitch perfect.  They just dove in and kept going.  We are so thrilled that this spirit has been rewarded.

THIS is how the regenerative economy gets built.  One step at a time — by good people with the power to change the system giving a chance to disruptors on the ground level working to change the system in small but steady ways.

Now, Around the World Gourmet is engaged in another project with Grounded Growth that will result in using regeneratively-grown rice with nutrient density testing grown from one of our farmers.  Just think — soon, there will be EVEN MORE to celebrate!

We are incredibly grateful that there are institutions out there like St. Jude that understand the power of their procurement choices to encourage change that benefits us all.  This is a huge step on our journey . . . and proves that a focus on steady, incremental progress pays off!

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