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This week, our #RegenerativeMinute video provides a snapshot of why NOT tilling the earth is so important to growing nutrient-rich food. Currently, both conventional and organic farmers rely a great deal on tillage to control weeds.  But some farmers have found a way to grow crops while keeping the ground covered and stable — these no-till farmers have been at the forefront of creating regenerative farming — a way of farming that restores natural resources, rather than depleting — or even sustaining them.

There are many other benefits of NoTill of course – we will feature some of those aspects in future episodes.  You can only get a brief glimpse of the value of NoTill in a minute – so this page provides more resources for you to learn about this fundamental practice of regenerative agriculture at your own pace.



Benefits of Not Tilling the Earth


U.S. Department of Agriculture video


No-Till On The Plains Webpage (many good videos & information)