How do you REALLY build trust with consumers who are bombarded with different marketing and certification claims about products that are supposedly healthier for people and the planet?  How can brands and farmers BOTH win from bringing regenerative agriculture to market — so that it actually does deliver some of the world-saving claims being made in its name?

Our view is that the answer to these challenges is to define and measure regenerative agriculture by its outcomes, not a checklist of practices that can mislead consumers.

This week, Grounded Growth’s founder, Sara Harper was able to share this perspective — and new opportunities we will be pursuing in 2020 on the popular podcast,  The Modern Acre

We believe that this approach is so important both for cutting through the “it’s just marketing” concerns of consumers and for actually delivering the promised benefits of regenerative agriculture at a scale that can come close to matching the promises made about it!

We are very grateful to Tyler and Tim Nuss for featuring our view — and for being members of Grounded Growth!  Check out the episode by clicking on the button below.

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