True regeneration of our food only happens when we restore the land . . . and the people who care for it!

If regenerative agriculture is pushed through the existing supply chain model — the one that barely pays the people doing the most important part — and puts requirements on farmers for the sake of making it easier to process food at the expense of taste, health and the environment . . . we will not have TRUE regeneration — and it will not make a true difference to the climate.

Grounded Growth Network starts from a place of partnership between our farmers and our brands — built off of deep respect for the other that can only come with actually spending time together. Next, comes a dedication to measuring the outcomes instead of listing the practices.

Our path offers a chance for consumers to buy into holistic regeneration — that restores the farmer, the businesses working with them, the environment and of course, the consumer’s health!

Join us for this panel conversation with 2 farmers and a chef from our network:

Huge thanks to Jenna Fitch and New Hope Network for this opportunity – and for always including our voices in the conversation!