What Is Noble Growth?

The Noble Growth Network is a catalyst for building a regenerative food system.

To us this means more than a series of claims or product attributes — it describes a culture that embraces balance, continuous improvement and transparency. This culture starts on the farm, extends through the food company and is supported by the consumer.

The result is not only  a good product, but great jobs, a  restored environment and resilient local economies. To fully realize this vision, independent food companies and farms need help. That is what we provide.

Noble Growth Network pulls together talented professionals from across multiple business sectors. Together, we guide network members through a four stage process: assess, improve, connect and engage. The outcome is the ability to measure and manage all that matters and to create goals that drive the improvement process. Then, we advocate and educate the marketplace about these Noble Businesses.

Simultaneously, members participate in monthly peer group meetings that leverage the knowledge, support and connections of food companies and farmers to accelerate profitability for all.

Follow along on our journey!

Our Solutions

  • We deepen your value position: connecting food brands with farmers and providing simple triple bottom line sustainability assessments and reports

  • We create engagement opportunities instead of marketing plans: bringing educational events, samplings, seminars and internship opportunities to university campuses

  • We facilitate faster growth: leveraging the strategic relationships and business knowledge of challenger food brands + farmers together

Why Noble Growth?

Today’s consumers are tired of buying into a marketing promise only to find out later that the ideal they thought they were supporting does not match their expectations.  Consumer research repeatedly reveals that people want to buy from responsible and transparent companies — having worked in the food and agriculture industry for more than 20 years, we know how difficult it is for small, innovative brands and forward-looking conservation farmers to gain access to the expertise and strategic relationships needed to meet these new market trends.  Left on their own, each small business is left struggling with the same challenges to balanced growth and sadly, many of them won’t be able to have the beneficial impact they otherwise could.

Noble Growth fills these gaps by creating a network instead of in-depth, expensive scopes of work.  We provide affordable access to a broad set of business expertise.  We also create the platform and the follow-through for peers to help each other.  Finally, we enable farmers and food manufacturers to learn from, support and work directly with each other — which is the only way for true transparency and continuous improvement to occur.

By building this support ecosystem for companies that share a similar culture, Noble Growth Network helps to expand the regenerative food economy.  Farms and food companies in our network will be able to demonstrate measurable improvements across the categories of workers and community, the environment, health and profitability.  Consumers will be able to see this progress and real discussions about tradeoffs and priorities will be possible in ways they just are not when you prescribe and follow a checklist to a living, evolving system like food.

The result: Noble Growth members will stand out from the crowd, grow faster and have more impact together than they would on their own — and consumers will have a simple way to make the world a better place.

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