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“Having worked with both farmers and food companies over the past 20 years, I saw so many ways that these two groups could help each other – and give the consumer what they so clearly want, if only they had a way to work together. Grounded Growth provides that opportunity.”  — Sara Harper, Founder of Grounded Growth

“So often, we farmers have no connection with the people that decide how our crops are turned into food – or with the end consumer who is now so interested in farming. The chance to become more than just a commodity – but a partner with food companies that share a similar culture and reverence for regenerative principles, is extremely valuable.”  — Justin Knopf, Farmer & Director of Agriculture for Grounded Growth

“I’m interested in both organic and regenerative ingredients in my products. Part of our mission for Around the World Gourmet is to provide consumers with a product that’s healthier for you and our planet. This peer group is a great way to be connected directly to farmers who are practicing regenerative agriculture and to share with them what consumers are demanding.”  — Jennifer Kocher, Owner of Around the World Gourmet & Director of Finance for Grounded Growth

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