By Sara Harper
Just like the Velveteen Rabbit said, “Once you are Real, you can’t be ugly, except to people who don’t understand.”
My fervent hope is that Regenerative Agriculture becomes REAL to people . . . not just the next fad to feel virtuous about — and certainly, not a new club for the environmental elite to use against the great unwashed masses.
I want people to really understand the beauty of BALANCE — and that this is the path forward for healing our soil — and frankly, our society.
I’m grateful for the work Kiss the Ground has done with their new beautiful film. They can reach people with this film that might otherwise never even hear the words “regenerative agriculture.” But too often, what it takes to get attention, and what it takes to make scaleable change, are not the same things. 
People want a story that has a clear villain, a pure heroic response . . . and no messy contradictions.  But that just isn’t the way life really is.
While “Kiss the Ground” does a great job spreading the word, there are some areas in the film that could use some improvement if the goal is to have a REAL understanding of what it takes to regenerate the land.  
This review of the film from Georgie Smith does a great job of highlighting the things that must be known and accepted if we are to reach that goal.
Read the Review

Just like the balance that regenerative practices restores to the land . . . let’s strive for a balanced approach in how we define and describe regenerative farming.

And let’s PLEASE do more than support the people making the film . . . let’s support the farmers actually doing the work by supporting the brands that are working with them to bring this powerful force forward.

Let’s build on this moment to help regenerative become REAL so that even the trade-offs that aren’t so pretty, won’t be allowed to make the perfect the enemy of the good once again.