Ever wondered what regenerative agriculture looks like up close?  Curious about the farmers who have applied the pioneer spirit to finding a way to grow crops that can be BOTH better for people and the planet?  This is your lucky day!
Get to know some of our farmer members who have been using regenerative farming practices for decades!  Regenerative agriculture is a way of farming that helps increase soil health, improve food quality by creating a healthy soil microbiome, reduce climate change, improve the ability of a field to capture rain and to improve water quality.
The starting point for our farmers is a practice called no-till.  This is a way of planting that does not tear up the soil each year in order to control weeds, as organic farmers often need to do.  Instead, no-till farmers use special equipment to place the seed directly into the soil.  They then use multiple other practices (like cover crops, livestock integration and inter-cropping, or growing multiple crops together) to further enhance the health of their soil — and the food grown within it.
You can see videos of some of the amazing farmers in our network by checking out our Farmer Videos page.  Below are a few screenshots that link to the page.  Can you imagine buying food made with ingredients grown by these farmers?  We are working on it!

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