The ingredients we are getting ready to bring to market will change the food industry. Talk about disruption!  Check out where we have regenerative farmers located and a snapshot of what they are growing below.

Our network also includes the well-respected international soil science and nutrient density researcher, Dr. Jill Clapperton of Rhizoterra.  Through her, our growers are able to do nutrient density testing and are willing to share the results with companies that are willing to treat them like the value-added partners they are instead of commodity transactions.

A note to food service providers and/or food companies catering to a health-conscious consumer . . .  

Do you want to build a supply-chain that can confidently bring a benefit to consumers that they will instantly understand?  Increasing the nutrient density — or health of the ingredients in your product will do it.  Then, you can let us tell the story of HOW that benefit was created through the regenerative practices and mindset employed by our (now your) growers.

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where are our regenerative farmers?

what ingredients do they make?