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1812, 2019

Transitioning to Regenerative Agriculture: A Farmer’s Story

There’s a lot of talk ABOUT farmers transitioning to regenerative agriculture . . . but often, not enough talk FROM farmers sharing how they are doing it! 

Big thanks to our friends at The Modern Acre podcast (members of Grounded Growth!) for the nice interview they did with another one of our amazing farmers from Canada, […]

1312, 2019

How Nutrient Density Testing Measures Ingredient Quality

Are we really getting the nutrients we need from our food — or are we just getting calories?  How can food truly be used as medicine?  How can we identify, support and scale ways of growing food that add to our health?

A critical piece for answering all these questions — is nutrient density testing, one of the core outcomes-based tests that the Grounded Growth strategy recommends.  Learn more about it — and the amazing […]

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