Our partnerships give consumers a direct and practical way to support the earth’s restoration while also helping good farms and challenger food brands stand out from the crowd.  Our new name is an even better reflection of our mission.

Sometimes, life sends you a curveball you weren’t expecting—or wanting.  Like when it really sets in that you are going to have to share your parents with a new baby sibling.    

The challenge is to get past that initial desire to go negative.  Choosing to use the unwanted change as a growth opportunity can yield amazing results. 

I have had much practice at this — being the oldest of six children in my family.

Recently, our company was faced with a trademark challenge around our name.  After careful deliberation, we decided the best course of action is to select a new name.

I picked our company’s old name, Noble Growth Network, because it spoke to what I wanted the company to help bring about — and it reflected the culture we wanted to help others in the farm and food space to build.

What is it we do?  We enable, support and grow partnerships between farmers, food companies and consumers that harness the power of business to help expand regenerative farming practices. 

Our partnerships help restore the Earth’s soil and mitigate climate change. Our partnerships give consumers a direct and simple way to support the earth’s restoration while also helping good farms and challenger food brands stand out from the crowd. 

As you can imagine, the challenge of picking a name that represents what your company is now — and what you aspire for it to become–is pretty difficult.  It took our team more than a few weeks.  But having come through the process on the other side, I can honestly say I feel that our new name is an even better reflection of the values we hold and the services we provide to our members.

“Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.” — Charles Swindoll

Our new name is Grounded Growth and our tagline: Creating Regenerative Partnerships.

What does it mean to facilitate grounded growth?

It is always helpful to consult the actual definition of a word.  Grounded has many definitions — but these are some of our favorites:

    • Well-balanced and sensible
    • To give something abstract a firm practical basis
    • To instruct thoroughly in a subject


Another wonderful source of inspiration for our team was an amazing piece written by Christina DesMarais for Inc., “9 Traits of the Most Grounded People in Your Life”   You should really read this wise article in full — but to give you a summary, here are the traits that reflect grounded people:

  1. They are Unshakeable—Calmly getting the right things done
  2. Reliable—They meet their commitments
  3. Possess unwavering moral compass
  4. Humble
  5. Healthy self-esteem—They understand their value without being braggarts
  6. They don’t worry—Whatever happens, they can handle it
  7. Stand up for what’s right—Yet they know which battles to fight
  8. They don’t conform so people will like them—If doing something the right way is lonely, so be it
  9. They encourage others to succeed

This is a list of traits that absolutely describes what our team values and what we will strive to be every day.  It also reflects the characteristics of the farmers and food companies we want to work with — so even though it was not initially wanted, this change is something we are really excited about.

And of course regenerative agriculture is about restoring health to the soil, the very ground on which we stand. The health and well-being of the ground is fundamental to the health and well-being of the planet and of all of us.

In the coming weeks, we look forward to sharing more with you about our grounded process for helping food companies and farmers build regenerative partnerships.  Please stay tuned!


By: Sara Harper, Founder & CEO



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