This week Grounded Growth is being featured on The Modern Acre podcast on our favorite topic: regenerative agriculture!!

The Modern Acre is a community of farmers, professionals and entrepreneurs passionate about building their ag businesses through modern day innovation and technology.

We are so grateful to co-hosts Tim and Tyler Nuss for featuring our practical perspective on regenerative farming — and our work to create win-win partnerships between farmers and small food companies that make regenerative accessible for consumers.

You can listen to the episode wherever you get your podcasts — or click on the link below to listen from their website.


This is a fantastic opportunity to spread the word about what we are all working to build together — so PLEASE — share this episode with friends, family — and strangers šŸ˜‰

We recommend subscribing to their podcast forĀ  access to very cool interviews with other disruptors in the agricultural space!

Huge thanks again The Modern Acre!!