Check out this 👆🏽quick video about how Sara Harper built a pretty impressive resume before launching 🌱Noble Growth Network in 2017.   

Here’s just a few of the credentials she racked up in the past 20 years:

– Working for the Environmental Defense Fund

– Becoming a Leading Sustainability Consultant building programs, reporting, communication, and measurable metrics

👀Watch the video to learn more!


Some might call her a Pioneer in the Regenerative Food movement.  Some might even call her a Renegade. We like to call her our Fearless Leader.  It’s a title she has EARNED and LEARNED.  She wears it humbly…but passionately and proudly.  #noblegrowth

Now Sara is using her impressive Bio and all those years of experience, valuable relationships, and extensive knowledge to help consumers and communities by leading Noble Growth’s Team as we focus on connecting FARMERS and BRANDS.  #noblegrowth

The result?? A Regenerative Culture that includes and impacts Farmers, Food Brands, Consumers, and Communities!  #noblegrowth


We hope you can join us on the Noble Growth Journey because it truly is about all of us… together, and better together.

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