It’s not often that you get a chance to send a signal directly to the food and agriculture industry about the kind of example you’d like to see more of just by clicking a button.

You have a chance to do just that by voting online for the owner of one of our brand partners, Jennifer Kocher,  in the Emerging Food and Ag Leaders campaign. 

Make a statement – show support for one of the few food companies that has actually paid a farmer to expand regenerative agriculture and is actively working to help them convert regeneratively-grown crops into ingredients to use in her products!

Vote for Jennifer Kocher – owner of Around the World Gourmet as an Emerging Leader in the Food and Agriculture industry!

Emerging Leaders in Food & Ag is designed to build a stronger future for our food and agriculture sector by bringing up-and-coming leaders from across the agriculture and food supply chain together for hands-on industry relevant training and leadership development.

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